$8.00 ราคาปกติ

    Product details :

    • Acrylic thickness 4 mm.
    • High resolution color images.
    • Resistant to the sun, resistant to rain.
    • Splicing acrylic material


    Size :

    • 4 X 80 X 45 mm.


    Warning :

    • Do not touch sharp objects. Because it may cause scratches around
    • Do not put near flame
    • Do not soak
    • Customers can return products in the following cases :

      • Damaged goods from transportation
      • Products must be wrapped in a package that has not been opened.
      • Customers must be responsible for the shipping costs. And we will be responsible for the return shipping cost
      • Refund requests will depend on each case again.


      *We ask for permission not to receive refunds in all cases.*

    • We can deliver worldwide. The shipping cost depends on the area where you live.

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